AI-generated images

Posted on 2022-September-01 in fun • Tagged with AI, dall-e2, midjourney, stable-diffusion, art

AI-generated colorful picture

If you haven’t followed, there has been a recent (Summer 2022) wave of AI tools for image generation from a text prompt. It works this way: describe what you want to see, press a button, see what you get.

Here are some prompts and the images that were generated …

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OpenWRT on Raspberry Pi 4

Posted on 2021-November-03 in networking • Tagged with router, raspberry, openwrt

Raspberry Pi as router

Gbit Routing

Driving a home Gbit Internet connection requires heavy hardware. Or maybe not?

Following recommendations on OpenWRT forums I tried it on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an additional USB3/Gbit adapter and the results are beyond anything I could have hoped for. This is not a cheap solution …

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Home Router Experiments

Posted on 2021-October-03 in networking

Latest upgrade on my home Internet connection brought me to an almost symmetric Gbit link: 1000 Mbit/s down, 500 Mbit/s up. Very comfortable, but what kind of home router do you need to sustain such traffic loads? I tried a lot of alternatives which I will briefly describe …

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Self-hosting ideas

Posted on 2021-May-31 in networking


Self-hosting is about running your own cloud services on your own hardware. Remember: there is no cloud, you are just using somebody else's computer. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes you don't want to entrust that someone else with your data. In some cases it is a lot cheaper to host …

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Being reachable on a public IP address

Posted on 2021-May-23 in networking • Tagged with dynamic ip, vpn, vps

Note: I am not affiliated or employed by any of the providers mentioned below. I am only providing links for convenience, I make no money or karma when you click any of those.


Say you want to host some service at home and make it reachable from the Internet. What …

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btrfs for home usage

Posted on 2021-May-16 in storage • Tagged with btrfs, Debian, nas

Some of my currently unused 2.5-inch drives

Some of my currently unused 2.5-inch drives

Over the years I have accumulated so many hard drives at home it is getting ridiculous. Last time I went through a decommissioning frenzy I must have dumped at least twenty of them to the tech recycle bin. Sizes ranged from several …

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My very own little Internet

Posted on 2021-March-24 in thoughts • Tagged with AI, google, information poisoning, internet, youtube

I watched this Netflix film about the flat-Earthers and found it quite enjoyable. Having been educated in the sciences, I marveled at that sorry lot trying to prove the Earth flat and invariably ending up approximating its radius. Made me wonder: how do I know for a fact that we …

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Fun with ESP32

Posted on 2021-January-27 in programming • Tagged with esp32, lua, microcontrollers, micropython


Espressif is this little fabless Chinese company who are behind the incredibly successful ESP8266 chip, followed in 2016 by a more powerful successor: the ESP32. This microcontroller allegedly uses a lot more power than equivalent Arm MCUs (though I haven't done any research on that topic), but what really makes …

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Home Automation

Posted on 2020-January-08 in programming • Tagged with home automation, iot, tasmota, tuya-convert

Connected plug

I was a bit late to the party, but I finally got into home automation and bought a couple of connected power plugs. Price and curiosity decided for me: they can often be found online for really cheap and they are a great excuse to spend a week-end doing nothing …

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Japan Kaleidoscope

Posted on 2018-September-01 in japan • Tagged with tokyo, travel


I have just spent three weeks in Japan. What can you decently bring back from such a short trip? I have the feeling I have only touched this extremely rich and multi-millenial culture. A kaleidoscope of colours, smells, sounds, and faces come to mind when I try to look back …

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