OpenWRT on Raspberry Pi 4

Posted on 2021-November-03 in networking • Tagged with router, raspberry, openwrt

Raspberry Pi as router

Gbit Routing

Driving a home Gbit Internet connection requires heavy hardware. Or maybe not?

Following recommendations on OpenWRT forums I tried it on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an additional USB3/Gbit adapter and the results are beyond anything I could have hoped for. This is not a cheap solution …

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OpenWRT on Ubiquiti AC Lite

Posted on 2016-May-30 in programming • Tagged with firmware, openwrt, ubiquiti

Ubiquiti Unifi AC-lite

A year ago, I thought I had upgraded my home WiFi to AC with the purchase of a cheap TP-Link Archer C5, but it only gave me trouble. The 2.4GHz band is working perfectly, the 5GHz not so. The first version of OpenWRT I installed had no support at …

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OpenWRT on MR3020

Posted on 2015-December-09 in programming • Tagged with diy, mr3020, openwrt

TP-Link MR3020

Situation: you live in a one-room appartment and receive Internet through a single RJ45 plug in the wall. How do you extend it to all devices in the room for the cheapest price?

Objective: provide WiFi connectivity on a dedicated LAN where users can see each other and share files …

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Parental control with OpenWRT and OpenDNS

Posted on 2014-December-10 in networking • Tagged with opendns, openwrt, parental control

OpenWRT prompt

The following recipe took me a whole evening to find, so I am documenting it here in hope it could be useful to somebody else.

I recently upgraded my home network to a beefier TP-Link C5 Archer. This little box packs two Wi-Fi access points in 2.4 and 5GHz …

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