AI-generated images

Posted on 2022-September-01 in fun • Tagged with AI, dall-e2, midjourney, stable-diffusion, art

AI-generated colorful picture

If you haven’t followed, there has been a recent (Summer 2022) wave of AI tools for image generation from a text prompt. It works this way: describe what you want to see, press a button, see what you get.

Here are some prompts and the images that were generated …

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Counting Camels

Posted on 2017-November-01 in fun • Tagged with camels, numbers


I read somewhere in a math history book that numbers were actually invented to count camels. Someone wanted to send over a herd of camels to be sold on a market on the other side of the desert and they did not trust the camel escort. How would the receiving …

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I am not your daughter

Posted on 2017-October-02 in fun


You called me quite late. Some time during the middle of the night, and for whatever reason I had left my phone on. I picked it up and was greeted by your anxious voice:

- Isabelle, is that you?

Part of my brain was still actively dreaming, but the part that …

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Meet the Guru

Posted on 2015-July-07 in fun

Math formulae

Tonight I met a guru. Not an expert, a real guru: the kind of spiritual guide who has theories, speaks wonders, and has followers. This all started when a friend of mine invited me over to have a quick chat with this phenomenal genius from Canada who has invented methods …

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XML just called

Posted on 2015-January-27 in fun • Tagged with bug, voice, xml

Mean science (cartoon)

Lunch time. I had been waiting outside for my colleagues to show up for close to 10 minutes when they said they were following me. Getting impatient, I wrote an SMS to my office mate containing the single word: MANGER. Interestingly enough, Android does not allow me to set a …

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Planes taking off

Posted on 2014-March-20 in fun • Tagged with hannover, planes, taking off

Composite image of planes taking off

Planes taking off in Hannover. Nothing new, but I like this picture.

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Humans control Machines control Humans

Posted on 2012-November-30 in fun • Tagged with anecdote, helpdesk, mind control

Mind control

I used to work for a company where IT issues could only be reported by email. No hotline: send an email, get a ticket number back, expect somebody to call you about the issue and negotiate a solution with them. Of course, it makes it a lot more fun to …

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PC revival

Posted on 2012-March-18 in fun • Tagged with dirt, motherboard, pc, processor

One of my home PCs just got into trouble lately. Survival time after booting was a couple of minutes, after which the whole thing froze hard, forcing a manual power-off. Does not look like an OS failure, it would die with a bit more blue elegance. Opened the box, found …

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Celebs on sex

Posted on 2011-October-21 in fun • Tagged with celebs on sex, fun quotes

Just saw this on Imgur. For sake of completeness I will just quote them here:

"Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope."
-- George Burns

"I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy."
-- Tom Clancy

"You …

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Stormy Sunday

Posted on 2011-April-25 in fun • Tagged with kids, wargame

Orcs vs Dwarves

My kids were bored on one of these unkind-weathery Sundays so we decided to invent a new war game. Creating the game from scratch took us most of the afternoon and we had to modify rules several times to make it balanced. This is what we ended up with.

Setup …

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