My very own little Internet

Posted on 2021-March-24 in thoughts • Tagged with AI, google, information poisoning, internet, youtube

I watched this Netflix film about the flat-Earthers and found it quite enjoyable. Having been educated in the sciences, I marveled at that sorry lot trying to prove the Earth flat and invariably ending up approximating its radius. Made me wonder: how do I know for a fact that we …

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What time is it?

Posted on 2018-July-09 in thoughts • Tagged with engineering, time

  • Hello Mr. Engineer, can you tell me what time it is?
  • No I can't.
  • Why?
  • Well then. You see, my watch is an electronic and mechanic device based on the oscillation of a quartz that imprints a periodic movement to a set of cogs, which are then de-multiplied to lower …

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Printers from Hell

Posted on 2016-August-12 in thoughts • Tagged with hell, printer, WiFi

A printer

My first printer was a black-and-white Samsung laser device that caught my eye in a brick-and-mortar shop by sporting a brave Linux sticker on the front side. These were the early 2000s, mind you, and finding hardware that openly advertised Linux compatibility was quite unusual. The same sticker also showed …

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Je suis Charlie

Posted on 2015-January-14 in thoughts • Tagged with je suis charlie

The Paris events were dreadful. Being assassinated for drawing cartoons is probably the most stupid thing that could ever happen. I am particularly touched by the death of Cabu, a cartoonist who, to me, has been part of the French culture forever. Whenever something of importance happened worldwide, Cabu was …

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No news today

Posted on 2014-July-29 in thoughts

Sarkozy was president of France during five years from 2007 to 2012. During those five long years, the French media switched to full-Sarkozy mode, as if he was the only newsworthy person on this planet. Most newspapers would not hesitate to put his picture on the front page on a …

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That is an odd-smelling cheese

Posted on 2012-October-19 in thoughts • Tagged with cheese moving, nasreddin, self-help

CheeseJust finished Who moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. A quick and interesting read about how to be prepared for change and how embracing change in your life can make a real difference.

The followed metaphore is about four characters faced with a life-changing situation: they live in a maze …

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Printer Ink worth more than Human Blood

Posted on 2010-May-25 in thoughts

HP has apparently started a new PR campaign trying to justify the insanely high prices for the ink they sell along their printers. I have not seen the PR yet but judging from the absolute tsunami of rage that has erupted in blogs today, it seems like a pretty bad …

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