What time is it?

Posted on 2018-July-09 in thoughts • Tagged with engineering, time

  • Hello Mr. Engineer, can you tell me what time it is?
  • No I can't.
  • Why?
  • Well then. You see, my watch is an electronic and mechanic device based on the oscillation of a quartz that imprints a periodic movement to a set of cogs, which are then de-multiplied to lower …

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Counting Camels

Posted on 2017-November-01 in fun • Tagged with camels, numbers


I read somewhere in a math history book that numbers were actually invented to count camels. Someone wanted to send over a herd of camels to be sold on a market on the other side of the desert and they did not trust the camel escort. How would the receiving …

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I am not your daughter

Posted on 2017-October-02 in fun


You called me quite late. Some time during the middle of the night, and for whatever reason I had left my phone on. I picked it up and was greeted by your anxious voice:

- Isabelle, is that you?

Part of my brain was still actively dreaming, but the part that …

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Long live NAT!

Posted on 2017-February-28 in networking • Tagged with home network, ipv6, nat

ipv6-no-thanksHome networking can be a lot of fun: setting up a name service, a guest network, or traffic rules, leads to an endless joy of discovering new RFCs or creativity in the very active field of artistic configuration file syntax.

I thought I had seen everything until I tried to …

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Wunder Weather

Posted on 2016-August-16 in programming • Tagged with geolocation, golang, weather

wunder logo

Just released this small piece of code a few days back:


I wanted to be able to bring up the weather forecast for the place I am currently visiting without having to yield my address book to a shady app, or suffer from tons of …

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Printers from Hell

Posted on 2016-August-12 in thoughts • Tagged with hell, printer, WiFi

A printer

My first printer was a black-and-white Samsung laser device that caught my eye in a brick-and-mortar shop by sporting a brave Linux sticker on the front side. These were the early 2000s, mind you, and finding hardware that openly advertised Linux compatibility was quite unusual. The same sticker also showed …

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OpenWRT on Ubiquiti AC Lite

Posted on 2016-May-30 in programming • Tagged with firmware, openwrt, ubiquiti

Ubiquiti Unifi AC-lite

A year ago, I thought I had upgraded my home WiFi to AC with the purchase of a cheap TP-Link Archer C5, but it only gave me trouble. The 2.4GHz band is working perfectly, the 5GHz not so. The first version of OpenWRT I installed had no support at …

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easy-rsa alternative

Posted on 2015-December-30 in programming • Tagged with 2cca, alternative, ca

Glad to announce that 2cca, the two-cent Certification Authority has now been ported to pure C with libcrypto (openssl) as single dependency. The goal was to make it available on openwrt as it seems pyopenssl is not available on this platform -- without a lot of efforts.

As always, I swear …

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Easier easy-rsa

Posted on 2015-December-28 in programming • Tagged with easy-rsa


If you have ever set up an OpenVPN server, you probably had to fight your way through the certificate generation steps. Something like what is detailed here:


The official OpenVPN guide refers to easy-rsa, which is a royal pain in …

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OpenWRT on MR3020

Posted on 2015-December-09 in programming • Tagged with diy, mr3020, openwrt

TP-Link MR3020

Situation: you live in a one-room appartment and receive Internet through a single RJ45 plug in the wall. How do you extend it to all devices in the room for the cheapest price?

Objective: provide WiFi connectivity on a dedicated LAN where users can see each other and share files …

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