OpenWRT on Raspberry Pi 4

Posted on 2021-November-03 in networking • Tagged with router, raspberry, openwrt

Raspberry Pi as router

Gbit Routing

Driving a home Gbit Internet connection requires heavy hardware. Or maybe not?

Following recommendations on OpenWRT forums I tried it on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an additional USB3/Gbit adapter and the results are beyond anything I could have hoped for. This is not a cheap solution …

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Home Router Experiments

Posted on 2021-October-03 in networking

Latest upgrade on my home Internet connection brought me to an almost symmetric Gbit link: 1000 Mbit/s down, 500 Mbit/s up. Very comfortable, but what kind of home router do you need to sustain such traffic loads? I tried a lot of alternatives which I will briefly describe …

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Self-hosting ideas

Posted on 2021-May-31 in networking


Self-hosting is about running your own cloud services on your own hardware. Remember: there is no cloud, you are just using somebody else's computer. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes you don't want to entrust that someone else with your data. In some cases it is a lot cheaper to host …

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Being reachable on a public IP address

Posted on 2021-May-23 in networking • Tagged with dynamic ip, vpn, vps

Note: I am not affiliated or employed by any of the providers mentioned below. I am only providing links for convenience, I make no money or karma when you click any of those.


Say you want to host some service at home and make it reachable from the Internet. What …

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Long live NAT!

Posted on 2017-February-28 in networking • Tagged with home network, ipv6, nat

ipv6-no-thanksHome networking can be a lot of fun: setting up a name service, a guest network, or traffic rules, leads to an endless joy of discovering new RFCs or creativity in the very active field of artistic configuration file syntax.

I thought I had seen everything until I tried to …

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Parental control with OpenWRT and OpenDNS

Posted on 2014-December-10 in networking • Tagged with opendns, openwrt, parental control

OpenWRT prompt

The following recipe took me a whole evening to find, so I am documenting it here in hope it could be useful to somebody else.

I recently upgraded my home network to a beefier TP-Link C5 Archer. This little box packs two Wi-Fi access points in 2.4 and 5GHz …

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PC-to-PC 101

Posted on 2014-October-15 in networking • Tagged with ad-hoc network, ipv6, rj45


Got my hands on an old but faithful laptop recently. The thing is a lot faster than my son's desktop, so I thought it would make a nice update for him. First thing I did was upgrade the laptop's disk to an SSD and install Linux Mint. This is now …

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