AI-generated images

Posted on 2022-September-01 in fun • Tagged with AI, dall-e2, midjourney, stable-diffusion, art

AI-generated colorful picture

If you haven’t followed, there has been a recent (Summer 2022) wave of AI tools for image generation from a text prompt. It works this way: describe what you want to see, press a button, see what you get.

Here are some prompts and the images that were generated …

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My very own little Internet

Posted on 2021-March-24 in thoughts • Tagged with AI, google, information poisoning, internet, youtube

I watched this Netflix film about the flat-Earthers and found it quite enjoyable. Having been educated in the sciences, I marveled at that sorry lot trying to prove the Earth flat and invariably ending up approximating its radius. Made me wonder: how do I know for a fact that we …

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