XML just called

Posted on 2015-January-27 in fun

Mean science (cartoon)

Lunch time. I had been waiting outside for my colleagues to show up for close to 10 minutes when they said they were following me. Getting impatient, I wrote an SMS to my office mate containing the single word: MANGER. Interestingly enough, Android does not allow me to set a default phone number for a contact, and the SMS was sent to a land line instead of my colleague's mobile.

The guys showed up, we had lunch, and came back to the office. My colleague saw the red light blinking on his land line and pressed the loudspeaker button without much thinking. We were served a bit of classical music, and then a synthetic voice declared without any emotion: "You have received a message. Reading: OPEN BRACKET EMPHASIS CLOSE BRACKET MANGER OPEN BRACKET SLASH EMPHASIS CLOSE BRACKET."

Best laugh we've had in a while.

My next challenge: get the phone system to read me a whole stack trace.