PC revival

Posted on 2012-March-18 in fun

One of my home PCs just got into trouble lately. Survival time after booting was a couple of minutes, after which the whole thing froze hard, forcing a manual power-off. Does not look like an OS failure, it would die with a bit more blue elegance. Opened the box, found a thick layer of dirt on the processor, vacuumed all of it, closed the box and... no boot at all, no beeps, nothing. Just power everywhere but no video signal, no booting beeps. No beeps during boot could mean either motherboard or processor are fried. I took off the RAM chips and booted again, this time triggering the no-RAM-panic-on-boot, which signaled that at least the motherboard was still running. I just inserted the RAM chips carefully and rebooted, to be greeted by the usual boot sequence. Seems I just displaced them while cleaning.

Processor running temperature usually ran between 55 and 90 degrees, it has now gone down to 35 degrees. Mental note: clean the computers at least once a year before they fry. And if you think the motherboard is gone, try booting it without processor or RAM to see if it can still complain.