Humans control Machines control Humans

Posted on 2012-November-30 in fun • Tagged with anecdote, helpdesk, mind control

Mind control

I used to work for a company where IT issues could only be reported by email. No hotline: send an email, get a ticket number back, expect somebody to call you about the issue and negotiate a solution with them. Of course, it makes it a lot more fun to …

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That is an odd-smelling cheese

Posted on 2012-October-19 in thoughts • Tagged with cheese moving, nasreddin, self-help

CheeseJust finished Who moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. A quick and interesting read about how to be prepared for change and how embracing change in your life can make a real difference.

The followed metaphore is about four characters faced with a life-changing situation: they live in a maze …

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Die C++, Die

Posted on 2012-May-10 in programming • Tagged with C++, programming

Why should I have written ZeroMQ in C, not C++

We now have official confirmation that the C++ standardization body is made of extra-terrestrial beings come to Earth to prevent humanity from reaching the singularity stage. By creating C++ and making it appear as …

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PC revival

Posted on 2012-March-18 in fun • Tagged with dirt, motherboard, pc, processor

One of my home PCs just got into trouble lately. Survival time after booting was a couple of minutes, after which the whole thing froze hard, forcing a manual power-off. Does not look like an OS failure, it would die with a bit more blue elegance. Opened the box, found …

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Daily Fallacies

Posted on 2011-October-26 in programming • Tagged with fallacies


To the question: "Why do we do things this way?", you often get three different kinds of answer:

Argument by Longevity
"Because we have always done things this way", also known as "It is known."
Argument by Numbers
"Because everybody does it this way, there must be a reason."
Argument …

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Celebs on sex

Posted on 2011-October-21 in fun • Tagged with celebs on sex, fun quotes

Just saw this on Imgur. For sake of completeness I will just quote them here:

"Sex at age 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope."
-- George Burns

"I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy."
-- Tom Clancy

"You …

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Config file hell

Posted on 2011-October-12 in programming • Tagged with complexity, config file, file format, xkcd, xml


xkcd 963 nailed it once again. How much fun is it to have to open one of the zillion Unix config files on your Debian box and start tweaking until it finally works? The graph could just as well show "Time since I last opened wpa_supplicant.conf", or "/etc …

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Stormy Sunday

Posted on 2011-April-25 in fun • Tagged with kids, wargame

Orcs vs Dwarves

My kids were bored on one of these unkind-weathery Sundays so we decided to invent a new war game. Creating the game from scratch took us most of the afternoon and we had to modify rules several times to make it balanced. This is what we ended up with.

Setup …

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8-bit life

Posted on 2011-January-15 in fun

These two are a lot deeper than initially expected:

Printer Ink worth more than Human Blood

Posted on 2010-May-25 in thoughts

HP has apparently started a new PR campaign trying to justify the insanely high prices for the ink they sell along their printers. I have not seen the PR yet but judging from the absolute tsunami of rage that has erupted in blogs today, it seems like a pretty bad …

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